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Jessica Perkins

The Practice of Gratitude

Gratitude is the ability to BE thankful and appreciative. Gratitude centers us…bringing us back to kindness and being present with the blessings in our lives.It’s not something that we are born with but rather a skill that needs to be practiced. ⁣

And y’all, it’s not just something our kids need to practice (at least in our family). So if you have ever had a bad day, the mindful practice of...

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What Brings Me Joy?

Self care can be an overwhelming and ominous task. You know it’s important, but a lot of questions can surface making the investment difficult to implement.⁣

What’s considered self-care?⁣
How much is too much self-care?⁣
How do I know where to start?⁣
Does it have to cost anything?⁣
How often should I implement it?⁣
What if my friends and family misunderstand me?⁣

I want to help you start by boiling...

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Homeschooling tools for self directed learning

You can try to suffocate them, hide them, or cover them up with these numbing/distracting strategies work: ⁣

As a homeschooling mom, I have collected lots of tricks and tips from seasoned mamas before me and come up with a few of my own. That’s the beauty of homeschool-everything can be adapted and tailored to how each of your little people learn best. ⁣

One strategy that we utilize regularly is...

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Lifelong Learning


Homeschool / Outschool / Unschool


When faced with trauma, like covid-19, acute environmental trauma, divorce, addiction, abuse….. humans can’t learn. Before we can open our minds enough and have the bandwidth enough to explore new ideas, new thoughts, new information, knowledge, and the absorption and assimilation of new information (essentially, learning), We need to build the foundation of...

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Educational Toys Gift Guide

age appropriate toys for by age

I often get questions about age-appropriate gifts for the children on your gift lists. I typically take the time to type out all of the products that are a good fit for your little ones ages and reasons why they are beneficial, but this year I’m sharing my go-to picks for every age group with all my readers and customers. They all can be purchased either from my MamaMayi shop or Amazon.

These picks...

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Sensory Play

As summer leads into fall, I am reminded of the importance of seasonally appropriate play activities that allow little ones to learn about changes in their world. There are many ways to expose your little explorers to the tidings of the season, and one of my favorites is building sensory bins.

Part of the fun as a parent is thinking inside the box to pick items that belong in the bin. I sell...

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Brave Self Care

Bold and Brave Acts of Self Care

Asking for connection

Asking for support

Turning inward

Taking a bath


Practicing Gratitude


Getting Out in Nature

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

Opening Myself Up to Accept the Love and Kindness of Others

This week has been an intense and steady week. I have been emotionally exhausted, physically taxed, maternally inundated with catching big feelings and holding...

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Play as a means to learning

This young person is obsessed with @officialbeyblade ! He takes them with him everywhere and finds completely random people to engage in bey battle with. I LOVE that this has helped initiate new friendships, conversation, friendly competition, play, and learning about physics and science and good sportsmanship and friendship. So much learning happening all at once. #lifelonglearning...

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Self directed education is way more than just play

Whatcha working on?Oh, nothing - just playing. They say.Inspired by #rubegoldberg machines we saw last year at the @pghkids (still), they are creating.Do you know what I see?More than just playing ?- I see collaboration; problem solving; complex cognitive think throughs; experimentation; trial and error; frustration; emotional regulation; communication; big feeling expression; problem solving;...

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First I must love myself – setting boundaries

Hey Loves. I wanted to talk to you a bit about boundaries.See, for a long time I used to push past my own no and allow myself to get bullied into doing things I didnt want to do - or things that werent actually in my best interest.I wanted to please people so much I would override mySELF in order to not make waves and get along and be a good girl/daughter/sister/partner/mom.Then I began to factor...

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