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Handmade toys best suited to nurture and develop a baby between 12 to 18 months.

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Our toys are designed for singular play or to build your own collection to suite. I have seen these beautiful handmade creations used in endless ways of discovery, imagination, and play.
These threads have been designed by hand with original artwork by Jessica Perkins and was digitized for apparel. I hope these unique designs bring you as much joy wearing as they brought me while creating!

Toys built for baby and infant children ages birth to 18 months! Perfect for brain development and babbling fun!

The quiet curiosity of a new baby is inspiration from the start. From birth until age 1, your Baby is investigating his or her world through touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. Nurture your little one with endless cuddles and nuzzles during this fleeting breath of newness and watch her personality come alive and your relationship grow with each giggle, laugh, story, and playtime. Let these playthings entice your imagination and bring out the silly playmate from within. Right now you are your little one's indulge her with a favorite best friend. Hug. Snuggle. Hold. Touch. Gaze. Sing. Dance. Play. Read. Laugh. Play. and Grow. Let your little one lead the way while offering support and nurturing her developing senses. Together your will both see the world in a fabulous new way. 

Our hand-picked handmade toy gift guide including toys that are best fit for your baby, infant, or little one between 0 to 18 months.

These Big Kid toys are designed for children aged 5 through 8 years old, and are built for deeper learning through play experiences.

Big Kids are the talented little ones who have already mastered basic skills and are looking for a way to nourish what they they already know and play with the concepts they've learned. They can work independently or they can work because their communication skills have flourished. They are little scientists who like putting different things together to see what the results. Their imaginations are incredible - and if you sit back and listen, you will have a front row seat to a stories filled with character and spirit. The playthings in this collection are made to develop the growing imagination, writing skills, cooperation, independent play, concentration, problem solving, and imaginative thinking through play. They are open-ended and can be used by themselves or combined with other items to be used in new ways. Big Kids never cease to amaze me in their ability to find new ways play, learn, and grow. Let their imaginations inspire you. No batteries. No buttons. Just the power of creativity.

This Holiday Season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or another special day, be sure to gift our handmade learning toys to the little ones in your life. These "stocking stuffers" are small in size and big in fun, and the perfect little wooden toys to put the finishing touches on your Holiday.

Each of these pieces has been handmade and thoughtfully designed. Original artwork by Jessica Perkins, digitized and turned into fine art and decor to bring pops of color and joy to your most special space - home.

Handmade toys best suited to nurture and develop a Kindergartener (age 4-6).

These Pre-school toys are perfect for preschoolers age 3 years old, 4 years old, and 5 years old.
Preschoolers learn best through play, and the Preschool mind is primed, ready, and able to learn new things with these handmade goodies. Ages 3-5 is a time where little ones are pushing their boundaries, and are beginning to explore the worlds outside of their own little bubble. They are able to understand simple concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes and are looking for opportunities to master their quickly growing skills. Cultivate this excitement for learning every chance you get with conversation, song, building, games, toys that strengthen these skills. Allow for some independent play opportunities to explore these concepts through experimentation. You will be amazed by your little one's growing imagination and awed by the words the choose, the stories they tell, the ways they play, and at how quickly they learn.

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Ideal handmade wooden toys for toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years. Great for tactile development, basic math skills, sorting, and learning through play!

Toddlers make the most of their newfound motor skills. They like to scurry, play, and explore whatever they can get their hands on. They are spirited, inquisitive, and just plain curious. They like to explore their worlds using their whole bodies. Touch it, grab it, twist it, pull it drop, dribble, splat, bang, rip. They still need help, but are determined to do things for themselves. Foster early independence by choosing age appropriate playthings; toys that will nurture growing skills and allow egos to grow with confidence at a job well done. This collection was designed for your growing toddler. Strengthening motor skills and early developmental concepts, these toys were created with transformation in mind. Sit down for some fabulous Play & Learn time with your little explorer. Watch in awe at the focus and attention that's paid to mastering new skills; delight in the affirmative clap or fancy dance of excitement when your little one accomplishes something new; and watch confidence flourish.

Handmade toys best suited to nurture and develop a Toddler.